The key to a new set of keys for busy renters.

Jetty Passport and Jetty Renters Insurance save you money on your security deposit, eliminate time spent looking for a lease guarantor, and free you from worry about the things and the home you love.

Insurance that reflects the way you live your life.

Our Renters Insurance plans are tailor-made for whatever life throws at you, from nightmares like fire and theft to shattered iPhones and broken laptops.

Jetty Passport.
Introducing Passport: Revolutionary renter services to get you in the door.

  • Passport Deposit

    Evict your security deposit and replace it with a small, one-time fee. Then figure out how to spend all those savings.

  • Passport Lease

    Need a guarantor on your lease but not sure where to turn? We'll be your co-signer, just like a rich uncle would.

Member Benefits.
We're here for the bad times. The good ones, too.

Become a Jetty member¹ and gain a key to the city—a handpicked package of benefits to save you money on the stuff you already buy.

Why Choose Jetty?
This isn't your mother's insurance.

(But she'd definitely approve).

  • Unique plan features to navigate city life.

    City life brings special rewards—and special risks. Only Jetty's one-of-a-kind plans cover things like Airbnb hosting, crazy neighbors and, yes, bedbugs.

  • Buying insurance is now officially a breeze.

    We get it; no one likes buying insurance. So the least we could do is make it easy. No agents, no paperwork and no nonsense.

  • We'll save you a fortune, not cost you one.

    We built this thing using all the best modern tech tools available instead of people and paper. That means a way leaner company, which translates to savings for you.

Want to learn more? We're an open book.

  • Insurance 101

    A crash course on all matters insurance. Minus the jargon.

  • The Ground Floor

    Bored of insurance? Peep our blog full of musings on city life instead.

You keep building the life you want. We'll protect it.

Financial responsibility takes about two minutes and comes for less than you spend on cold brew.

¹No purchase is required to become a Jetty Member.

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