Financial products as a tool to attract new renters

Amenities are a common tool used to attract new renters. Things like around-the-clock gym access, rooftop lounge areas, and laundry pickup are all community perks leasing teams use to differentiate their building from a competitor—and it’s a strategy that’s actually pretty successful.   

87% of multifamily renters say amenities influence their decision to rent an apartment, and 94% say they’d pay more in rent for on-site perks.¹

While most amenities are in-unit or community based, financial amenities are growing in popularity. At Jetty, we’re adding a suite of financial products to the list to help leasing teams attract, and keep, more renters.

Renters save cash at move-in with a low-cost deposit alternative

Moving into a new home is expensive. 

With 70% of Americans having less than $1,000 in savings, having the extra cash to spend on upfront moving expenses, like a security deposit, can be tough.²

Jetty Deposit, a low-cost deposit alternative, helps renters move into their new home without the high up-front cost of a traditional cash deposit. Instead, renters have the option to purchase a Jetty Deposit bond and pay a one-time or low monthly payment (saving hundreds or thousands of dollars), while properties get the comprehensive protection they need. 

Marketing Jetty Deposit as a financial amenity can be the difference between a renter picking your community over another. Plus, residents can sign up in under two minutes, speeding up the move-in process.

The flexibility to rent now, and pay later

Rent is always due on the first of the month, but not everyone gets paid regularly. 

Even for those who do get paid consistently, pay dates can vary, meaning the first of the month might not be the best day to fork over a large sum of cash.

Jetty Rent helps residents with irregular pay cycles spread out their monthly rent obligations and avoid penalties for late payments. It also gives leasing teams guaranteed on-time payments, and eliminates the hassle of tracking down late rent.

Marketing Jetty Rent can help on-site teams drive retention for existing residents, and increase conversion rates for new renters. With Jetty Rent, rent can now be one less thing for your residents to worry about.


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