Hit your ESG initiatives with Jetty Rent

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are quickly becoming the norm in multifamily real estate. 

Renters are placing a higher importance on sustainability, preferring homes with perks like energy efficient appliances and applications, smart home features, and financial amenities that help make renting more accessible and cost effective.¹ 

With Jetty Rent, a flexible rent payment program, renters can have the financial flexibility they need to navigate renting their home while properties can at the same time meet their ESG criteria; while also signing more leases and creating a sustainable strategy that stands out to investors.

Give renters the flexibility to pay rent on their own terms.

With no change to your usual process, adding Jetty Rent to your list of financial amenities lets you collect on-time rent payments while giving your renters the financial flexibility needed to manage their largest monthly expense.

Renters can apply for Jetty Rent when it’s most convenient for them: before moving into their apartment, during their existing lease, or when renewing their lease. Plus, getting prequalified is quick and easy and won’t impact a renter’s credit score.

Supporting renters with financial products is a socially responsible way to positively impact your community, and in return hit your ESG initiatives.

Stand out to investors.

Improved data around ESG shows that there’s an increased demand for sustainable-focused products, and with sustainable investing on the rise, the “social” criteria (also known as the “S” in ESG) you put in place at your property can make a big difference within your overall ESG framework.²

Jetty Rent guarantees properties get paid rent on-time, meaning more predictable cash flow, while helping renters avoid fees for late or missed rent payments, meaning greater social impact.

Having ESG initiatives in place can show investors what programs you’re offering to residents and how you’re measuring their success. Even if an investor isn’t looking to make an investment based on just the social component in your ESG strategy, showing social impact is an added benefit, especially for those looking to take a holistic approach when investing.³


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Ready to see Jetty Rent in action?

See how Jetty Rent can help you hit your ESG initiatives, protect against late rent, and drive conversion with no changes to your leasing or rent collection process. 

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