Jetty Deposit PMS integrations: how they work and why they matter

Property management systems are used by properties for a variety of reasons. From prospecting and marketing to leasing and accounting, they act as a catch-all for leasing teams to successfully do their job.

So when it comes to evaluating security deposit replacements, choosing a product that has the ability to integrate with existing property management systems is a must. At Jetty, we integrate with Entrata Core, RealPage OneSite, and Yardi Voyager to simplify the process for both leasing teams and renters. 

Meaning that when a resident purchases Jetty Deposit, their information is recorded and stored in the management system a property is already using. Since properly tracking coverage is essential for ensuring bond information is correct, having everything in one place simplifies internal reporting throughout a resident’s entire lease term, from move-in to move-out.  

Move-in with Jetty

At move-in, a few perks of Jetty’s integrations include reduced manual work for leasing teams and accurately recorded policy information.

Residents sign-up for Jetty Deposit directly through Jetty, and from there we handle approval and payment, notifying on-site teams of next steps. Policy details are then automatically appended to your resident ledger for visibility.

Automating this process through an integration not only saves time for leasing teams but also for residents. They’ll receive automatic policy approval and coverage, greatly minimizing the process timeline.

Another benefit of integrations during the application and move-in process is what we refer to as a nudge. When applicants are approved for a unit, we’ll send them an email encouraging them (or nudging them) to sign up for Jetty Deposit. 

Move-out with Jetty

At move-out, if a resident fails to pay fees, damages, or lost rent that’s owed, on-site leasing teams can file a claim.

Since Jetty is already integrated with existing property management systems, properties will automatically have accurate insight into claims data and policy documentation. This helps drive operational performance and creates a resident-friendly experience. 

To prompt on-site teams to submit claims, Jetty sends automated emails as a helpful reminder.

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