One platform to save on-site teams time, reduce bad debt, and secure cash flow

With so much to juggle, on-site teams are often pulled in multiple directions, making it hard to keep up with daily demands and big-picture strategies all at once. 

To help, more and more proptech solutions are emerging on the market—from deposit alternatives to flexible rent, to credit building programs. With so many solutions to choose from it can oftentimes feel overwhelming to know where to start; and when you do decide to partner with a select few vendors, it means learning new tools for each new solution you introduce.

As a platform of financial solutions, Jetty seamlessly integrates with your existing PMS, that way you can easily get up and running and scale your proptech offerings when it’s time. In this post, we’ll cover how Jetty’s platform of solutions helps save your on-site teams time, reduces bad debt, and secures cash flow.

More time for on-site teams to focus on what matters most.

As a financial services platform, Jetty has deep integrations with leading property management systems to get you onboarded with no changes to your current processes. We post and store data directly to the resident ledger for visibility, that way your teams can spend time focusing on what’s most important: signing leases and getting new prospects in the door.

With Jetty Deposit, a low-cost security deposit alternative, your teams will also have a leg up with Automated Marketing, an add-on that helps promote the product to residents through sequential, segmented marketing campaigns over email and SMS, fully automating the sign-up process to save time at move-in.

Since applicants apply directly through Jetty, your teams won’t be burdened with the extra lift. Renters can choose from a variety of payment options and will get a custom, monthly price based on a few factors (like their credit score).

The coverage you need to protect against damages and unexpected costs.

With Jetty Deposit, you’re covered just like you are with a traditional cash security deposit. Meaning that when a resident enrolls, coverage doesn’t include individual limits on categories like lost rent or damages. 

Coverage amounts are also completely customizable, so you’ll set the exact protection you need at the property and resident level; and even if an enrolled resident misses a payment, you’ll still be covered. 

Jetty Deposit coverage remains in place regardless of whether a payment is made, and we take responsibility for securing unpaid premiums directly from residents, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with or tracking down missed payments. If a claim is filed at move-out, you’re covered for up to the full amount of the security deposit alternative bond.

More consistent cash flow to grow revenue and make investments.

With 1 in 4 renters unable to pay their rent on the first of the month, properties often miss out on consistent cash flow and revenue growth.¹ 

With Jetty Rent, a flexible rent payment program, we pay rent on behalf of enrolled residents on the first of the month, and those residents then have until the 24th of the month to pay us back. For residents who enroll, this means on-time rent, every month.

Flexible rent can also help attract new renters and drive retention for existing residents, bringing in more consistent revenue and giving you the cash you need to make investments in your property, like spending more money on community upgrades or on new, smart technology to help attract even more renters.


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