Our commitment to fair housing and security deposit regulations

Staying compliant with evolving legislation is our top priority, which is why Jetty Deposit, our deposit replacement solution, is admitted by every states' Department of Insurance*, meaning it’s approved to be sold nationwide as long as:

  • Renters have the option of paying a cash deposit.
  • Renters are aware they’re buying a financial product, and that they’re ultimately responsible for property damage or missed rent.

Since Jetty Deposit replaces traditional cash deposits with low-cost surety bonds, it dramatically lowers move-in costs for applicants, helping property managers increase lease conversions along the way.

Renters have the option to use Jetty Deposit, or pay a cash security deposit.

When properties partner with us to offer Jetty Deposit, they’re required to offer it to everyone who walks through the door—to comply with fair housing standards, and because that's just the right thing to do.

Once an applicant is in the know that a deposit replacement is available at their property, it’s up to them to decide if they want to purchase it and save on upfront move-in costs, or if they prefer to go the traditional route and pay a cash deposit. If renters do choose to sign up for Jetty Deposit, they do so directly through Jetty. 

We’re upfront that renters are financially responsible for claims made against their Jetty Deposit surety bond at move-out, and that payments toward premiums (either payments made monthly or in one lump sum) are non-refundable. Our claims are reviewed in-house, and even if a renter misses a payment to their premium we still pay the property in full.

*Being admitted by a state's Department of Insurance is not a requirement to sell a deposit replacement product in every state. We just like to stay one step ahead with emerging deposit legislation, in case it does become a requirement in a state our product is sold.

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