Perks of Automated Marketing with Jetty Deposit

One of the most common questions we're asked when talking to new or prospective partners is how our property management system (PMS) integrations work. The commonly held belief is that integrations are just a means to post policy details to a renter’s ledger, but they can be used for so much more

Yes, integrations manage all of the operational and reporting elements you'd expect, but they also reduce the burden of marketing from your site teams, while at the same time reducing barriers to adoption for renters. We call this Automated Marketing, and in this post we’ll give a sneak peek into some of its capabilities.

Leasing teams save time.

With Automated Marketing, leasing teams aren’t left to promote Jetty Deposit alone. Once properties customize their automation preferences, we promote Jetty Deposit by running sequential, segmented marketing campaigns through email and SMS. 

Alongside these marketing campaigns, our PMS integrations enable us to include targeted promotions within the application process itself, highlighting the benefits of Jetty as it relates to an applicant's specific stage in the leasing funnel. 

Together, these tactics combine to create a fully automated, 360-degree marketing campaign that ensures applicants are informed and excited by the opportunities of moving away from traditional cash deposits.

This helps drive high levels of adoption with little to no input from on-site teams and helps reduce time spent training new team members on the product. With leasing team turnover at 32%, this is a huge time saver.¹

Once signed up, we’ll update the applicant’s rental ledger to let on-site teams know they’ve satisfied their deposit requirement—it’s as simple as that.

Renters move in faster.

Automated Marketing helps speed up the move-in process for renters, too.

When applicants interact with a promotion for Jetty Deposit, their sign up link will be a smart link, meaning it will be personalized based on our integrations with the properties PMS to include specifics like the unit number and required deposit amount. 

From there, an applicant will apply directly through Jetty using our simple and secure sign up process. Applicants choose from a variety of payment options, either a one-time or low, monthly fee, making moving in much more affordable.

This streamlines the application process and removes the margin for error when it comes to purchasing a Jetty surety bond.


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