Renters love Jetty (and we have the numbers to prove it)

We often talk about how Jetty Deposit, our deposit replacement offering, helps properties boost protection and reduce bad debt—but we want to spotlight just how much renters love the product too. 

With Jetty Deposit, renters save money on move-in costs by replacing their expensive cash security deposit with a low-cost alternative. After purchasing Jetty Deposit, tenants are sent a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to rate their satisfaction.

The responses we collect help us understand the likelihood of a renter recommending Jetty Deposit to a friend, or using the product again in the future.

Our NPS essentially helps us keep tabs on how we’re doing—and how we can improve our products.

An NPS that rivals top brands.

NPS is calculated on a 100 point system: where 0 is considered good; above 20 is considered favorable; above 50 is considered excellent; and above 80 is considered world-class. 

Jetty Deposit’s NPS is 83.

To put that into context, financial services companies have an average NPS of 34. What’s more, Jetty Deposit scores higher than even the largest consumer brands in the world such as:

Our score is an indicator that we’re delivering real consumer value through Jetty Deposit and the insights we’ve learned along the way are helping us deliver a world-class experience for new products, such as Jetty Rent.

See what renters are saying about Jetty.

“Jetty made it so I could actually afford to move. I didn't have to worry about a costly deposit upfront.”
Walker J, Chicago IL, 07/2021

“It was great to have someone have my back when all other options were exhausted.”
Frances I, Houston TX, 09/2021

“Extremely convenient and easy!”
Eli S, New York NY, 09/2021

“[Jetty Deposit] allows people who don’t have the means to pay their deposit upfront and experience being able to live in a great neighborhood.”
Joe G, Atlanta GA, 09/2021

“The process was simple and quick. I received a response quickly and was able to reduce the amount of my deposit.”
Keesha J, Austin TX, 08/2021

“Jetty opened the door for me to move in to a community that I couldn't afford to completely move in to on my own. Thanks Jetty!!!”
Angela P, Richmond VA, 06/2021


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