The ins and outs of Jetty integrations

As a financial services platform, Jetty has deep integrations with leading property management systems (PMS) Entrata Core, RealPage OneSite, and Yardi Voyager.

These integrations benefit corporate and site teams significantly, from speeding up the process at onboarding (we get your teams up and running in just a few weeks with little upfront work) to increasing efficiencies and reducing overhead. 

This is what we call the Platform Advantage, and in this post, we’ll cover some ways Jetty integrations can help benefit you and your teams.

Details posted directly to your ledger

Through our integrations, data is stored and posted directly to the resident ledger, that way on-site teams have visibility into important details.

With Jetty Rent, this means no changes are required to your current process of collecting rent. For those enrolled in the program, we’ll pull rent and rentable items due at the property level from their ledger, and once paid we’ll automatically update their balance to reflect payment. 

With Jetty Deposit, policy details are automatically appended for visibility at move-in, and claims data and policy documentation are provided at move-out. Plus, it helps us market the product to renters with our Automated Marketing feature.

Compliant with your existing PMS

Our integrations are compliant with SOC2 type 1 requirements, that way resident information is secured, protected, and handled responsibly.

Being SOC2 compliant means a few things—that access to sensitive information is restricted, there’s a system in place to manage any changes made, operations are closely monitored, and risk is easily identified and mitigated. 

Jetty is an approved vendor with Entrata, RealPage, and Yardi, meaning we comply with the terms and conditions they put in place. This adds an extra layer of protection for on-site teams and helps to make sure we’re fully compliant with the software we’re using. It also means we won’t login to a renters account to post or pull information, since our integrations automatically pull and post information for us.

Get up and running in little to no time

In addition to working closely with each leading PMS to comply with their terms and conditions, we've scoped, built, and refined our integrations through close partnerships with numerous property companies. 

This upfront work means our integrations are completely turnkey, so when a property onboards with us it ensures we’ll meet their exact needs from the start. 

We recognize that your PMS admin is likely overloaded with tasks already, and when properties partner with us to offer Jetty we don't want to add to that. Our integrations can be put in place in just a few short weeks with minimal burden to your on-site team.

A platform that scales with you

When properties partner with Jetty, they’re partnering with a scalable platform of financial products versus a series of single-point solutions. 

We make it easy to scale your list of financial products to attract new renters. Since we integrate with your existing PMS, adding new Jetty products on top of the ones you’re already using is a pretty seamless process. This means no more working with multiple vendors to learn new tools while using valuable time to get up to speed.

When new products are introduced, leasing teams won’t need to switch up their already-in-place processes and renters will be familiar with a trusted name.

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