Is Jetty an insurance company?

Technically speaking, Jetty is not an 'insurance company' (or 'insurance carrier') in that—within the insurance industry—that term has a technical definition meaning a regulated, financial institution which holds balance sheet risk. (This stuff gets pretty complicated pretty quickly, but if you want to geek out on it, Investopedia has a great 'handbook' on insurance).

Rather, Jetty is what's known in the industry as a 'Managing General Agent.' The MGA model is an old, longstanding regulatory and operating model within our industry which allows a company to create, market and administer insurance offerings to consumers without being a true 'insurance company' (i.e., financial institution), by partnering with a company that truly is an insurance carrier.

There's a good analogy we like to use when explaining this to our friends. When you get into 'an Uber,' you're not really getting into a car owned by Uber itself; the vehicle might be owned by the driver, or a taxi or livery company. But Uber created the app, marketed to you as a customer, found the driver and processed your payment. It's Uber's product, powered by someone else's vehicle. Think of us like Uber in that analogy.


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