Is Jetty financially secure? 

Absolutely! We may be a start-up, but when it comes to the capital side of our company—the money stuff—we're working with one of the oldest, biggest and baddest companies in the industry, Munich Re.

Munich, the world's largest reinsurer, is an almost 150-year-old company with over $275 billion in assets. Meanwhile, your policy itself is underwritten by State National Companies, Inc., a publicly-traded group of insurance companies.

All of this technical detail aside, the end result to you is the best of both worlds. Namely, a start-up run by people like you who understand you and the way you live your modern life to deliver you exactly what you need in terms of features, design and technology; and a suite of insurance partners who are some of the most trusted and storied in the industry to ensure that you and your financial future are secure with us. Think of us as having taken the good stuff that the industry does well and given it a modern twist.

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