Does Jetty offer health or life insurance?

Cutting to the chase, the answer is no. But while you're here, let's unpack the word 'insurance' for a moment.

The word 'insurance' or 'insurance provider' is often used to describe three very different industries in the U.S., (typically) comprised of three different sets of companies.

The first of these is health insurance, which is sometimes provided in the U.S. via government programs like Medicare or Medicaid, and sometimes via private companies (often through employers). These products help offset the cost of dealing with large medical expenses when you get sick. That's not Jetty.

There's also life insurance, a form of insurance used to compensate beneficiaries for the death of a family member, loved one or anyone else in whom the persons insured have a financial or 'insurable' interest. A working mother who passes away suddenly is no longer generating income to help support her family; in that situation, a life insurance policy could help provide the family with financial relief to compensate for her absence and the corresponding absence of her income. That's also not us!

Lastly, there's what's known as property & casualty insurance—that's where we come in! (By the way, don't let the term 'casualty' throw you off—this has nothing to do with death. It's just insurance jargon for 'liability,' the state of being financial responsible to another due to negligence. So think of it as property & liability insurance).

There are all kinds of property & casualty insurance 'products' or lines of business. On the consumer side, the two main types to think about are Auto and Homeowners insurance; on the business side, there are many more types, ranging from medical malpractice insurance purchased by doctors; to marine insurance purchased by shipping companies to protect goods in transit; to general liability insurance purchased by commercial establishments like a restaurant or shop, and which protect those businesses in case of a lawsuit (e.g., if a customer slips and trips, injuring himself).

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