How do I get a price (i.e., a 'quote')? What's the difference?

We've made it super easy to get a price (or a 'quote,' though we find that term confusing and don't like to use it) and buy a plan, all online and all straight from our site.

Head back to the main part of our site to answer a few questions and get a price perfectly tailored to you. Don’t worry about digging out any papers from your safe deposit box—our formula incorporates special factors and aggregates data to determine exactly how much protection you should receive based on your input.

The whole thing takes less time than ordering a latte. Seriously.

Of course, if you need any help, we're always here for you. Drop us a line at and we'll figure it out together.

Meanwhile, speaking of calling them 'prices' instead of 'quotes,' you'll find us doing that quite often (i.e., taking insurance lingo that's excessively complicated or technical for no apparent reason and translating it into plain, normal English, like calling a 'policy' by a more common term you might have heard of known as a 'plan').


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