What products does Jetty offer? 

Currently, we offer two categories of products: traditional insurance products, as well as a suite of revolutionary services* for renters comprised of Jetty Lease Guaranty and Jetty Deposit.

 Within the traditional insurance category, we offer:

  • Renters Insurance

You can read lots more about how these products work and what they do on the main part of our site, elsewhere in this FAQ, or in our Insurance 101 section for a general overview. 

Meanwhile, in that suite of revolutionary services, we offer:

  • Jetty Deposit: A service which replaces the need to post a security deposit
  • Jetty Lease Guaranty: A service which replaces the need to find a lease guarantor or co-signer (i.e., if you don't meet the salary requirements on your lease)

Beyond the ways of finding help mentioned above, you can always reach out to us at help@jetty.com with specific questions about what we offer and we'll be glad to help out.

*The technical term for these types of products are surety bonds, a special form of insurance product where the policy is made between three parties instead of two. We talk more about this in our Insurance 101 section.


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