For how long is my plan valid?

For Renters Insurance, the standard plan has a 12-month 'term' (think: shelf life)—it's an annual plan. Head over to your account to view your plan details and download a PDF of your plan summary. If you're moving before the end of those 12 months, just send us an email at, and we'll either help you transfer your plan to your new place, or cancel it for you.

If you'd like to extend your plan beyond that initial 12-month term, you can choose to renew your plan. Similarly, if you'd like to cancel at any point in that new 12-month term, you can email us or cancel from your account page. 

For Jetty Deposit, the fee you paid is valid for as long as you stay in the same home (unless your rent increases and, with it, your deposit. In the latter case, if your landlord would require you to post additional security under a traditional security deposit, we'd ask you to pay the standard 17.5% fee for that extra amount).

For Jetty Lease Guarantee, the fee you paid is valid for each lease term. So, if you sign up for Jetty Lease Guarantee, live in your place for 12 months and decide to stick around for another year, you'll have to pay the fee again unless your landlord decides to waive the guarantor or co-signer requirement.

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