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How do I change my payment date?

All Jetty plans are automatically set up with recurring payments charged to the card on file, so there's no need to worry about month-to-month management. Your payment date will be the day after your start date. So if your plan started on the 1st, your payment date will be the 2nd of each month. (You can find your start date on page 3 of your plan summary.)

Need to change your payment date? We're here to help!

We can only move your payment date up (so back in time) which means that we’re only able to make it earlier. This also means that you'll make two payments in a more condensed time frame. For example: if your payment date is set for the 3rd and you want to change it to the 17th, we can have it withdrawn 16 days early.

Note that this means your payment date will be around the 17th because on months with 30 days it'll process on the 17th and on months with 31 days it’ll come out on the 18th. (so, on/after the 17th, at least).

Drop us a line at, and let us know what date you'd like to have your payment withdrawn, and we'll gladly get this done for you.


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