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How do I update my payment preferences?

You can change any of the following pieces of personal information, account or billing settings online and on your own; simply log in and head over to your Account Settings section (for desktop, on the top navigation bar; on mobile, in the hamburger menu). Of course, if you're having trouble, contact us at and we'll get you sorted.

  • Birthday
  • Password
  • Payment method (credit card and billing address)
  • E-mail notifications 

While we're on the subject, at Jetty, we offer several billing schedules for our Renters Insurance plans: monthly billing, annual billing and, in some cases, quarterly billing. Annual (and quarterly) payments are easier for everyone and so, by paying annually (or, where relevant, quarterly), you can actually save money on your plan.

You'll select the frequency of your payment schedule while you're signing up. If you'd like to change it after the fact, just let our team know and they'll be happy to get your plan updated.

If you make a change, your adjusted payment schedule will be reflected on your next billing statement. If you’re switching to a less frequent billing schedule—for example, from monthly to annually—your next bill will be pro-rated and reflect how much you have paid so far. At the end of your plan's year, you will have paid the same amount as if you started with the less frequent billing schedule.

Conversely, if you’re opting for a more frequent billing schedule, we will assess the relevant processing fee and, similarly to the situation above, at the end of your plan year, you’ll have paid the same amount as if you had started with the more frequent schedule.



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