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How do I add my landlord to my plan?

Some landlords ask to be added as an "additional interest" or "interested party". This means they will be notified if you make changes to or cancel your plan, but they can't make any changes themselves.

Of course, your plan is still valid without your landlord listed.

If you decide you want to add them, just send the following information to

  • Your landlord or property manager's name
  • Their street address
  • Their email address

With that information, we'll add them to your plan, and send an updated copy the plan summary to both of you. (You'll find their name listed a section below yours under "additional interests".

Unfortunately, we are unable to add landlords/property managers as an "additional insured" on our renters insurance plans.

This is for a couple of reasons. For one, the landlord/property manager is not a resident of the unit, but also because their being listed as an "insured" would prevent them from being reimbursed in the event of a "liability" issue- like fire or water damage.

If your landlord asks to be listed as an "additional insured", you may want to reach out and see if it's okay for them to be listed as an "additional interest" instead.


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