Protection for your place & everything in it.

Renters Insurance plans built to cover everything from fire and theft to life's little 'Oh, $*!%' moments.

Fun Fact.
Renters Insurance covers more than you think.

  • Property Features.
    Our thing is protecting your things.

    If you own it, we cover it.

    From your cardigan to your Cartier, we'll reimburse you if something happens to your things.

    Have insurance, will travel.

    Protection is global. Whether you're in your backyard or backpacking in Peru, we've got your back.

  • Liability Features.
    The perfect solution for life's facepalm moments.

    An injury at your apartment or damaging someone else's property sounds like a nightmare; for us it's 9 to 5. When the dog bites or the tub overflows and there's bills, bills, bills, give us a call and we'll foot them.

  • ‘Loss of Use’ Features.
    A place to call home when your place is a no-go.

    If your apartment becomes uninhabitable, we'll pay for you to shack up elsewhere until you can head home. (The room service is still on you).

Learn more at Insurance 101.

Renters Insurance still got your head spinning? We've been there. That's why we put together a cheat sheet for all matters insurance, no actuarial degree required.

Why Choose Jetty?
Plans designed for city life, by city people.

  • This is why you can have nice things.

    The other guys are fine print fiends. Think electronics exclusions, jewelry limits and other loopholes galore for your valuables. We make it ridiculously easy to protect the valuable items you care about. All in about two clicks.

  • Different quotes for different folks.

    You're unique, just like everyone else. That's why we use advanced algorithms, lookups and data integrations to perfectly tailor every individual plan we sell.

  • Life here can be tough. Enter Power-Ups.

    Living here comes with its own special challenges. So we invented Power-Ups you won't find elsewhere, like extra protection for Airbnb hosts and our bonus bedbug payback feature.

Time to move 'get insurance' off your to-do list.

Join Jetty now and give your life a Ctrl+Z button—for less than you spend on cold brew.

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