For Partners
For Partners
We play well
with others.
A new economy calls for new ways of doing business. That’s why we’re making Jetty the world’s most partner-friendly insurance offering. Let’s talk about how we can team up to create more value—together.

Real Estate
The perfect solution for forward-thinking landlords.
Find the best tenants.
In the competitive market for high-quality urban renters, moving quickly and using modern technology are no longer “nice-to-have”—they’re table stakes.
Drive results for your business.
We built Jetty with your P&L in mind. Our products help drive NOI by helping you attract and retain the best tenants, decrease operational costs and manage risk.

A new weapon in the fight for top talent.
Attract the best and the brightest.
More than ever, recruiting the best means demonstrating you care—even outside the office. Jetty is a valuable employee perk to add to your arsenal and so you can stand above the crowd.
Get them settled so they can get working.
We help our customers by removing hurdles and risks. Offer Jetty and free your employees from sweating the small stuff so they can get back to thinking about your business and their careers.

Tech Companies
An untapped lever to drive lifetime value.
Increase conversion.
Looking for ways to remove barriers to purchase or signup? Products designed to remove risks and hurdles might be the ticket.
Drive retention.
Broaden your offering and find new ways to connect with your customers. You may just find they stick around longer.

We get by with
a little help from our friends.
Something in here caught your eye? Or have a different idea for how to work together? Drop us a linewe’d love to chat.