Your key to a new set of keys.

Finding your dream apartment feels pretty swell. Dealing with a security deposit and searching for a co-signer on your lease? Not so much. That's where we come in.

Passport Deposit.
Say ‘Bon Voyage’ to your security deposit.

  • One and done.

    Swap the security deposit you might never see again with a smaller, one-time fee: just 17.5% of the deposit amount. It isn't a loan, but it is that easy.

  • You do you.

    Leave the rest to us and your landlord while you put those savings to better use. Your furniture, student loan payment or next vacation #goals are suddenly all within reach.

Passport Lease.
Need a guarantor? Don't call in a favor— call us.

  • Your own Daddy Warbucks.

    When friends or family can't co-sign, we're on it. With Passport Lease, we'll act as the guarantor for your next place. All for just about 5-10% extra per year.

  • Don't stop me now.

    Don't let a requirement get between you and the apartment you have to have. We work directly with landlords to make sure it's all smooth sailing once you join.

Jetty For Landlords.
The perfect fit for your property.

Are you an owner, property manager or other real estate professional? We'd love to discuss how Jetty Passport can help streamline operations and drive occupancy and retention. Visit our Partners page for more details or get in touch.

Get Jetty Passport and get back to your move.

Apartment hunting is hard, so we made this easy. The whole process takes a few minutes and can be done from your phone, so get to it and get that new place on lock.