Renters Insurance Plans for New Jersey

Living in New Jersey can be complicated; NJ Transit, the PATH train, Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll, and don’t get us started on the tollways. That’s why we created Jetty, to take the mess out of one part of your life by simplifying renters insurance so you can get a quick, affordable, and transparent renters insurance policy faster than you can say, “where’s the Wawa?”
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Affordable Renters Insurance for All New Jerseyans
Cover your Bruce Collection Vol. 1 1973 (and other things)
Even the Boss would love these protections. Jetty Renters Insurance protects the things New Jerseyans love the most, from fire, theft, burst-pipe floods, and even damage if you choose to get the additional endorsements (we call them Power-Ups) for your most valuable valuables. From a cracked screen on your iPhone to a burned-out 2003 NJ Devils Stanley Cup champions t-shirt, we have the the coverage options you need to protect your things starting at just $5/month and starting at $8/month with additional Power-Ups for Personal Electronics.
Protection Even When You’re at the Shore
Whether you’re headed to Wildwood or Seaside Heights this summer, you can cross, “worry about theft” off your vacation planning list. Jetty Renters Insurance covers your things even when you’re at the beach, in the car, or out of the country. Additionally, with the Personal Electronics and Valuables Power-Ups, your iPhone, laptop, and engagement ring are protected from theft, damage, and even loss. So the only thing you need to worry about is where your beach tags are hiding (hint: not there).
Don’t Stay at the Wawa
After a fire or other accident, if your rental home becomes unsafe or otherwise uninhabitable, Jetty Renters insurance is there for you. We don’t want you to stay in an unsafe place, so that’s why we’ll cover your living expenses to stay at a hotel if your rental home can be restored to habitable conditions in a short time period.
What Types of Renters Insurance do New Jerseyans Want?
Looking for coverages that fit your specific piece of the Garden State? Look no further than Jetty! We pulled the data on what people are covering with renters insurance in Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City to help you choose the right coverage.
Natives of Newark know that, as one of the country’s largest shipping hubs, Newark is all business. That’s why Jetty Renters Insurance doesn’t waste time getting down-to-business, protecting your personal electronics. If you’re living in Newark, consider choosing a policy like other folks in town, with additional coverage for your iPhone, laptop, tablet, or other portable electronics.
If you’re looking over the river to Pennsylvania, you’re probably in Trenton and looking for affordable Trenton renters insurance. Trenton natives often choose Jetty Renters Insurance monthly plans with an additional Personal Property Blanket Power-Up (AKA endorsement in insurance lingo) that protects your most treasured things. That way, what Trenton makes the world can't take. (Or we'll pay you back if they do.)
Jersey City
Caught between New York and New Jersey, but still a place all its own, Jersey City has unique needs when it comes to coverage with renters insurance. We typically see Jersey City customers opting for annual plans that include the Personal Electronics Power-Up to protect against drops, cracks, or loss of portable electronics. If you’re living in Jersey City and taking the ferry to work each day, the Personal Electronics Power-Up is a great one to add to your plan in case there’s an overboard incident with your smartphone.
What can I customize?
Every part of your plan. With Jetty Apartment insurance in NJ, you can change your deductible, liability coverage, and much more. In just 30 seconds, generate a quote for a renters insurance policy in NJ that fits your lifestyle.
Can I add a landlord or significant other?
Sure! Adding a landlord (additional interest) or significant other is simple with Jetty. Once you generate your quote for one of our renters insurance plans in NJ, you’ll find a space for adding either to the policy. Click, add, and you’re all set.
Will I get proof of my renters insurance?
Purchase a plan for tenant insurance in NJ, and we’ll email a full PDF copy of all your policy documentation. You can always download it again from your account if you ever lose it.
What makes up my renters insurance plan?
Like most Renters Insurance policies in NJ, Jetty’s renters insurance plans offer four basic coverages:

Contents Coverage - i.e., if your belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen

Loss of Use Coverage - i.e., financial compensation should you ever have to seek other housing if your place becomes uninhabitable

Liability Coverage - i.e., protection when you’re financially liable to someone else (for instance, if you caused damage to their property)

Medical Payments to Others Coverage - i.e., financial compensation for someone else’s medical expense due to an injury on or near your property, when you are not liable

Of course, no two renters are the same. That’s why we offer Jetty Renters Insurance Power-Ups that can be added on to any of our affordable renters insurance plans in NJ. These features (technically known as "endorsements") offer extra protections like Electronics Protection, Valuables Protection, Bed Bugs Protection, and even AirBnB Host Theft Protection. Choose the Power-Ups you want, tailoring the apartment insurance in NJ to your specific needs.
It’s The Disco Fries of Renters Insurance (but Better)
Living in a major New Jersey city is a thrill, without the cost or hassle of living in New York or Philly. With access to each major city, miles of beaches, and plenty of employment opportunities, renting is the smart way to get what you need from the Garden State without breaking the bank. But renting in New Jersey shouldn’t come with worrying about theft, property damage, or loss of use. That’s where Jetty Renters Insurance comes in. Protecting yourself from unfortunate incidents with an affordable renters insurance plan in NJ (starting from $5/month) is a simple and quick online process. It’s fast, easy, and will not give you heartburn at 2AM (we can’t say the same for disco fries).
Why are renters insurance plans importance for people living in Newark, Jersey City, and Trenton?
No matter where you live, there are always risks to your property. Many of them, you simply have no control over. A neighbor’s pipe burst, flooding your apartment? A less-than-trustworthy guest decided your new Macbook would look better in their home instead of yours? Someone got a little too rowdy at your last party and ended up breaking their toe? These things happen. Luckily, with Jetty tenant insurance in NJ, you’re covered, often for less than $10/month.
Why are people in Newark, Jersey City, and Trenton switching apartment insurance policies to Jetty?
We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest and simplest renters insurance brands you’ll ever find. Our renters insurance policies in NJ, which are both 100% online and mobile-friendly, are built for your busy lifestyle.

We help you sign up for renters insurance in NJ after work, after class, while enjoying one of the area’s famous malls, commuting on the PATH train, or any other time that works for you, 24/7. We also reduce our own overhead and marketing costs by selling strictly online, passing the savings along to you with cheap renters insurance plans for NJ. If you’re ready to choose from renters insurance plans that fit your lifestyle and your budget, it’s time to switch to Jetty.
Wouldn’t Be NJ Without Talking About Hurricanes
Hurricanes might be on your mind; if not, perhaps they should be, since they are a growing part of life in the tri-state area. When thinking about protection from hurricane damage that Jetty Renters Insurance offers, there’s an important distinction between storm damage (e.g., wind, debris) and flood damage (e.g., storm surge, water, etc.). Let’s use an example: If hurricane winds send a cinder block through your window and take out your 56-inch 4K OLED Panasonic Flat Screen TV, you’re covered since this is damage from wind and debris. If that same 56-inch 4K OLED Panasonic Flat Screen TV gets damaged or destroyed by the flood waters from that hurricane, you’re not covered. To cover against flood damage, we recommend you supplement your Jetty Renters Insurance with coverage from the U.S. Government's National Flood Insurance Program.