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You might like living with the rain in Seattle, but don't get used to rainy days, get renters insurance to keep your place and things safe. Jetty Renters Insurance is fast, simple, and affordable renters insurance in Seattle. Get a free quote today and covered in 2 minutes or less.
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Affordable Renters Insurance for Seattle
Protect your Patagonia (and more)
Save the rainy day fund, when peril comes knocking (theft, fire, damage, etc.) Jetty Renters Insurance is designed to protect your Seattle stuff starting at just $5/month. Additionally, we offer renters insurance coverage customized to how you love to live in Seattle. Jetty Renters Insurance Personal Electronics Power-Ups protect your portable electronics (laptops, tablets, iPhones) from damage while hiking, overboard on boats, even a cracked screen from cheering at a Seahawks game. It’s the type of renters insurance created for Seattleites that’s served up to you for less than a cup a coffee a month.
Protect Your Things, Even in Canada (or Oregon)
Putting off that day trip to Victoria because of your fear of rampant Canadian crime? First off, Canada is pretty safe. Second, worry no more with Jetty Renters Insurance global protection. Whether you’re in your backyard or across the border, Jetty Renters Insurance covers your belongings in the car, on the clipper ferry, even when you’re hanging off the Capilano Bridge. If your things gets stolen while traveling, we’ll reimburse you. Add a Jetty Renters Insurance Power-Up (also known as endorsement) when you travel and protect your things even from damage or loss.
Stay at the Pioneer Square Hotel on Us
If your rental becomes uninhabitable from fire, water damage, etc., we don’t force you to move back to Spokane with your parents. Jetty Renters Insurance pays for you to shack-up close to home (within reasonable living expenses of course) until you can head back your home. We cover the rooming costs, you cover the room service. Just another way to that Jetty Renters Insurance is the best way to stay in Seattle, even when you can’t stay at home.
What Types of Renters Insurance do Seattleites Want?
If you’re from Seattle you’ll probably say grunge isn’t dead and that Portland is a second-rate city that doesn’t deserve the flannel on its back. But when it comes to renters insurance coverage for Seattle do you have a strong opinion? Let’s take a look at the coverages that some of your fellow Sounders fans are signed up to get with Jetty.
Those in Ballard are split between Ray’s Cafe or Portage Bay Cafe for brunch and also between annual and monthly Jetty Renters Insurance plans. For renters insurance in Ballard, 50% of people choose monthly coverage and 50% of people choose annual. If you’re from Ballard, here’s a hint: Choose annual and save a little bit on your premium price tag, enough for another mimosa at brunch.
Capitol Hill
From Harvard to Belmont Avenue, those that live in Capitol Hill know the value of protecting their portable electronics. 91% of Capitol Hill residents chose the Jetty Renters Insurance Personal Electronics Power-Up to protect their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and eReaders (probably an Amazon Kindle) from drops, cracks, theft, and loss. For around $3/month added to your policy, you might want to do the Capitol Hill thing and add the Personal Electronics Power-Up.
West Seattle
Between the Sound and the city, the renters in West Seattle know exactly what they want from their West Seattle renters insurance plans. When it comes to contents coverage (coverage for your things), West Seattleites on average choose slightly more than the minimum amount of $10,000 with $12,000 in contents coverage. This amount of contents coverage is great for keeping your Jetty Renters Insurance premium price low, but if you’ve got an original Kurt Cobain signed anything in your West Seattle apartment, you might want to think about increasing your protection.
What can I customize with my plan for renters insurance in Seattle?
Jetty makes it easy to customize every part of your plan, from the deductible to the coverage limits. In a mere 10 seconds, you can generate a quote for the best renters insurance policy in Seattle designed for your lifestyle and budget.
Can I add a landlord or significant other?
Yes! In a few short clicks, add a landlord (additional interest) or significant other after generating your custom quote. We’ll give you a space to add either one to your policy. Click, add, and you’re all set.
Will I get proof of my renters insurance in Seattle?
As soon as you complete your purchase, we’ll email you a PDF copy of your policy documentation. No worries if it gets lost in your inbox, you can always download it again straight from your Jetty account.
What makes up my renters insurance plan?
Jetty Renters Insurance in Seattle includes the same four essential coverages as other plans for other cities:

Contents Coverage - i.e., protection for the times when belongings are lost or damaged

Loss of Use Coverage - i.e., financial compensation if you need to find somewhere else to stay after your place becomes uninhabitable due to covered causes.

Liability Coverage - i.e., protection if you’re financially responsible to someone else (for example, if you damaged someone else’s property)

Medical Payments to Others Coverage - i.e., financial compensation for someone else’s medical expense due to an injury on or near your property, when you are not liable

Of course, these basic protections might not meet all your needs. That’s why we also let you add Jetty Power-Ups (technically called ‘endorsements’) to any renters insurance policy in Seattle. These bonus features, which include Bed Bugs Protection, Valuables Protection, Electronics Protection, and AirBnB Host Protection, offer added coverage when a basic renters insurance plan in Seattle just isn’t enough.
From Sleepless to Sweet Rest in Seattle
Don’t let worries about mold, loss of use, or irresponsible neighbors ruin your Seattle lifestyle. If you’re going to be up at night we want it to be from six cups of sweet Seattle coffee, not worrying about your things and place. Jetty’s online and mobile-friendly renters insurance experience for Seattle makes it easy to start protecting your belongings and your place, instantly. We offer competitive renters insurance rates in Seattle with our customizable plans starting at just $5/month. That’s about how much it costs to visit the Pike’s Place Starbucks, once.
Why is cheap renters insurance important for people living in Seattle?
The best renters insurance in Seattle offers protection for life’s unexpected mishaps. Did someone make off with your Macbook Pro? Covered. Did the upstairs neighbor’s pipe burst, flooding your apartment in the process? Covered. With Jetty renters insurance for Seattle, you’re protected, often for as little as $5/month.
Why are people in Seattle switching policies to Jetty?
Are you looking for the best renters insurance in Seattle? How about the most affordable renters insurance? Our policies are 100% online and mobile-friendly, designed to reduce the wasted money and bloated costs of a traditional insurance brand. Sign up whenever you want, 24/7/365, whether that’s during your coffee break at work or on your way home from the bar at 3AM. By selling renters insurance in Seattle online, we reduce our own marketing costs and overhead, passing those savings on to you. Whether you’re getting your first policy, or looking to switch to something better, we make it easy to find a cheap renters insurance plan in Seattle that’s tailored to your specific needs.
A Special Note on Earthquake Renters Insurance for Seattle
While Seattle is not typically considered a high risk place for earthquakes or tsunamis, recent articles (like this one from the New Yorker) have started to make folks in the Pacific Northwest wonder if earthquake renters insurance is something and if they need it. It’s worth noting that a Jetty Renters Insurance policy can include coverage against earthquakes if you speak with our customer experience team to adjust your policy (not offered on the website today).

That said, we do not offer tsunami flooding and damage insurance. But, there are special insurance policies that are offered for floods (offered by the government). We suggest you check out the information regarding Flood Insurance provided by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner.