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South Carolina is a beautiful place to live. Don’t waste any of your time here worrying about what might happen to your stuff. With cheap insurance in SC (plans start at $5/month), you can protect your property without breaking the bank.



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Insurance for every one of your barbecue trophies.


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Additional coverage options for valuables

We get it. As a renter, you might not think you have a lot to insure. But when it comes down to it, what would it cost to replace your wardrobe and everything in it, including the vintage jewelry you inherited from your grandmother? Or your laptop/tablet/smartphone setup? Maybe even that Kitchenaid mixer? When nightmares like fire and theft happen, you won’t be caught unprepared if you have renters insurance to help protect your things.

Protection while you’re at Myrtle Beach.


Protection when you travel


Additional coverage options for lost items

Whether you’re reluctantly joining the spring breakers nearby or you’re taking a spring break of your own to Cancun, Jetty Renters Insurance travels with you. So if something like a break-in or a fire happens in your home while you’re away, or even if a covered incident happens while you’re traveling, Jetty has plan options that could protect you in those situations. You can also opt into upgrades (we call them “Power-Ups”) if you want extra protection that may not be covered in a base plan, such as shattering your phone screen or having an extra expensive piece of jewelry stolen.

Protected if your place becomes uninhabitable.


Increase in living expenses covered


Moving covered

In the insurance world, “loss of use” coverage is a term that just means “we’ll find you a place to stay while yours is out of commission, so long as we cover the incident that caused it to become out of commission in the first place.” When you can’t go home again due to something like a burst pipe or fire, we’ll cover your temporary lodging in a place nearby. Room service and other luxuries are on you, though. We just make sure you have a safe place to rest your head.


Affordable insurance for South Carolinians.

South Carolina might call to mind visions of calm, peaceful, and beautiful beaches, mountains, and more… but as close to heaven as it might be, bad luck can still roll your way. That’s why more and more people from the Palmetto State are turning to Jetty to protect their apartments and rental houses from theft, fire, and more. You’ll be able to customize the type and amount of coverage you want, so you’ll get the right fit for your lifestyle.


Whether you’re going to USC, or you’re just a Gamecocks fan, Jetty Renters Insurance offers several Power-Ups designed for those who call the Soda City home. You’ll be glad you got the Jetty Portable Electronics Power-Up for just a few extra bucks a month on your plan, like when your phone takes a swim while you’re tubing on the Edisto River or when your tablet is left in the backseat pocket of a plane.


Well, hello, Low Country. Lost your phone on Sullivan’s Island? Jetty has a plan that can cover that. Want extra coverage for your tennis rackets and golf clubs? We can do that, and it costs way less than you might think. Starting at just $5/month, Jetty has insurance options that can cover your place, the things in it, and even the things that travel outside of it.


What do residents in the fastest-growing urban area in South Carolina want from their renters insurance? To start, Greenville residents might want to look into a Power-Up for their personal electronics, which starts at just $3 more per month. You’ll cover things like your phone, tablet, and laptop wherever you go, whether it’s to a coworking space, working from home, or working your way to the top of Table Rock. (Note: Jetty Renters Insurance covers your electronics in some instances without the Power-Up, like if they get stolen or damaged in a fire. But the Power-Up offers extra protection from things like dropping your phone and cracking its screen.)

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What parts of my South Carolina insurance can I customize?
Jetty lets you customize just about any and all aspect of your plan, from the coverage limits to the deductible. In seconds, get a quote for ideal, low-cost insurance in South Carolina.
Can I add a landlord or significant other?
Absolutely. Look for the option when you generate an insurance quote for SC. All you have to do is click, add your landlord (sometimes known as an “additional interest” in insurance jargon) or significant other, and you’re all set.
Will I get proof of insurance?
Yes. Once you sign up for a plan, we’ll send full PDF documentation of your policy to your e-mail address. You don’t have to worry about it getting lost in your inbox. Jetty lets you download your South Carolina plan documentation straight from your account if you ever need to.
What makes up my renters insurance plan?
Like most insurance quotes in SC, Jetty offers the following basic features, or “coverages”:
Contents coverage.
Protection for your belongings.
Loss of use coverage.
Help with living expenses in the event a covered loss makes your place uninhabitable.
Liability coverage.
Protection if you’re financially liable to someone else (perhaps as a result of damaging their property, for example).
Medical payments to others coverage.
Helps pay someone else’s medical bills due to a no-fault incident on or near your property.
For some people, these basic coverages are enough to meet their needs and keep costs low as they’re looking for cheap insurance in SC. For those who need extra coverage but still want a low cost insurance option in SC, we offer Jetty Power-Ups. These extra features (technically called “endorsements”) include bedbug protection, valuables protection, electronics protection, and even AirBnB Host Theft Protection. Add the bonus coverage you need while still feeling assured you’re getting one of the most affordable insurance quotes in SC.
Why is affordable renters insurance importance for people living in SC?
There’s a lot you can’t control in life. Rowdy houseguests who accidentally damage your glassware. Old pipes that burst and ruin your couch. Your roommate’s new furniture that happens to have bedbugs. Your roommate’s less-than-trustworthy friends who take off with your new iPad.
Jetty offers low-cost insurance in South Carolina, with options that can protect against these mishaps, starting at just $5/month.
Why are people in South Carolina switching their insurance policies to Jetty?
Customization. Flexibility. Mobile-friendly signup. At Jetty, we design affordable insurance in SC that’s tailored to your lifestyle. This is a new kind of South Carolina insurance, where every step, from signing up to adjusting your plan, occurs online. Sign up whenever you want, whether it’s right after work or right after a party. Because we don’t operate any brick-and-mortar establishments, we’re able to reduce our own expenses to offer you a plan that fits your life, whether that’s cheap renters insurance in SC or a more comprehensive plan. We also let you customize your plan so you’re never paying for coverage you simply don’t need.
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Jetty Customer
Jetty has the most affordable and complete renter’s insurance on the market, it even beats the multi-policy discount from competitors!
very easy to manage and understand once you have to file a claim
Josh Turner
Jetty is the new frontier of renter’s insurance. Insurance through the big five is like maintaining a landline. Jetty is the iPhone X.

What happens in the event of a natural disaster?

What happens if a disaster like a hurricane hits South Carolina? Jetty Renters Insurance offers protection from hurricane damage in some instances—what it comes down to is the difference between damage specifically caused by the storm (e.g., wind, debris, etc.) and damage caused by a flood (e.g., storm surge, water, etc.). We cover the first one, which is typical of almost all renters insurance providers in the country. Let’s use an example: If hurricane winds send a cinder block through your window and take out your 56-inch 4K OLED Panasonic flat screen TV, you’re covered because this is damage from wind and debris. If that same 56\u2014inch 4K OLED Panasonic flat screen TV gets damaged or destroyed by the flood waters from that hurricane, you’re not covered. To cover against flood damage, we recommend you supplement your Jetty Renters Insurance with coverage from the U.S. Government’s National Flood Insurance Program.


For more information, see the "What’s not covered" section of this post in our Jetty FAQ.

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