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Affordable Renters Insurance for Texas
Coverage to Boot
From cowboy boots to 10-gallon hats, Jetty Renters Insurance covers the things that Texans love the most, starting at just $5/month. Our renters insurance protections cover your things from theft, fire, water damage (except from floods), and even some damages from major weather events (more on that below). Add more coverage for protecting your favorite things with additional endorsements (we call them Power-Ups) that protect your engagement rings, smartphones, laptops, and tablets from cracked screens, other damage, and even loss. Just look for the Extended Valuables Power-Up and Personal Electronics Power-Up when getting your quote.
Protection South of the Border
When your weekend adventures take you South of the Border—or anywhere else outside the home—your Jetty Renters Insurance is still with you. Jetty Renters Insurance protects your most valuable valuables from theft when you travel, even internationally. If you want additional coverage for damage or losing a possession, add an additional endorsement (we call them Power-Ups) for your jewelry or portable electronics starting at just $3/month extra.
No Need to Stay at the Buc-ee’s
If your Texas rental home becomes uninhabitable from fire, water damage, or the like, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of and don’t have to live out of a Buc-ee’s. Jetty Renters Insurance covers the rooming costs of a hotel while your apartment or home is repaired and made habitable again.
What Types of Renters Insurance do Texans Want?
Texas is a big state, so it goes without saying that the types of coverage from one city to the next are different. We pulled Jetty Renters Insurance data from Austin, Dallas, and Houston to give you a breakdown of what renters in those communities value the most.
Folks in Austin might not agree on how to keep Austin weird, but they do agree that adding additional protections for their favorite devices is the right thing to do. 90% of Austin renters insurance customers choose the Jetty Personal Electronics Power-Up to protect their smartphones, laptops, and tablets from drops, cracks, and even loss. Starting at just $3/month extra, it’s the Austin thing to do.
Month-to-month might be the way to go if you count Mavericks or the Cowboys as your favorite teams. Dallas renters insurance customers overwhelmingly choose monthly (79% of all Dallas customers) as their payment choice for renters insurance on Jetty. Hey Dallas, here’s a little known secret: Choose annual and save on your monthly bill, at least enough to cover a day trip to the Aquarium.
Houston might not rival Dallas for football supremacy (ring count, Houston?), but Houstonians definitely choose more coverage than folks in Dallas when it comes to their possessions. On average, Houstonians choose around $13,000 in contents coverage, which is just above the minimum of $10,000. If you’re big in oil money, you might consider just a bit more coverage than that for only a few dollars more a month.
What can I customize for my renters insurance in Texas?
Jetty makes it easy to customize every part of your plan, from the deductible to the coverage limits. In a mere 10 seconds, you can generate a quote for the best renters insurance policy in Seattle designed for your lifestyle and budget.
Can I add a landlord or significant other?
Yes! In a few short clicks, add a landlord (additional interest) or significant other after generating your custom quote. We’ll give you a space to add either one to your policy. Click, add, and you’re all set.
Will I get proof of my renters insurance?
As soon as you complete your purchase, we’ll email you a PDF copy of your policy documentation. No worries if it gets lost in your inbox, you can always download it again straight from your Jetty account.
What makes up my renters insurance plan?
Like the vast majority of policies, Jetty offers basic protections included in what renters insurance in Texas covers:

Contents Coverage - i.e., should your possessions ever get damaged or lost

Loss of Use Coverage - i.e., financial compensation if your place becomes uninhabitable and you need to find somewhere else to live fast

Liability Coverage - i.e., protection if you’re ever financially liable to someone else (by damaging their property, for instance)

Medical Payments to Others Coverage - i.e., financial compensation for someone else’s medical expenses due to an injury on or near your property, when you are not liable

Of course, these coverages aren’t enough for every lifestyle. That’s why we offer Jetty Power-Ups (technically called "endorsements"). These additions to our standard renters insurance plans for Houston, Austin, Dallas, and other Texas cities include include Electronics Protection, Valuables Protection, Bed Bugs Protection, and even AirBnB Host Protection. Choose the ones that fit your needs.
Hang Your Hat with Jetty
There are plenty of reasons to live in a major Texas city. Austin offers lively and exciting cultural and culinary experiences. Dallas is a large city that’s still growing fast, thanks to plenty of opportunities for young professionals. Houston boasts a growing energy job market with relatively affordable living options. No matter which city you choose, you want to focus on the benefits of living there, instead of constantly worrying about risks to your things. With Jetty, signing up for renters insurance in Texas gets you trusted coverage that’s quick out of the chute and cleans up nice.
Why are renters insurance plans important for people living in Houston, Austin, & Dallas?
Plenty of things can happen to your stuff when you live in a big Texas city. Maybe a pipe broke in the neighbor’s apartment, flooding yours and forcing you to move out. Perhaps a less-than-trustworthy guest made off with your new phone. With Jetty’s renters insurance plans for Austin, Houston, and more cities in Texas, you’re covered, often for as little as $5/month.
Why are people in Houston, Austin, & Dallas switching apartment insurance policies to Jetty?
We built Jetty to match the busy lifestyle of a young professional. Our online, mobile-friendly signup process is fast, efficient, and available 24/7. Sign up during your break at work, receive a quote for renters insurance in Texas before going to bed, or even upgrade your plan in the middle of the night. It’s all up to you. Because we let you customize your plans, you can make sure the policy offers exactly the kind of coverage you need for renters insurance in Houston, Austin, and more. There’s no more paying for any coverage you don’t need. On top of that, because Jetty doesn’t operate brick-and-mortar locations, we reduce our costs for renters insurance in Texas. Then, we pass those savings on to you. If you want affordable protection for living, Jetty offers the right renters insurance in Texas for you.
Even the Storms are Bigger in Texas
Hurricanes, tornadoes, and storm flooding are just a few of the the natural disasters that Texans have to deal with each year. When thinking about the protections that renters insurance offers against these large, perilous events, it’s important to know what is covered and what is not covered with your Jetty Renters Insurance policy. Storm damage (e.g., wind, debris) and flood damage (e.g., storm surge, water, etc.) are the two major distinctions in your policy that we should discuss. Let’s use an example: If a hurricane hits Houston and sends a cinder block through your window that takes out your 56-inch 4K OLED Panasonic Flat Screen TV, you’re covered, since this is damage from wind and debris. If that same 56-inch 4K OLED Panasonic Flat Screen TV gets damaged or destroyed by the flood waters from that hurricane, you’re not covered, since—like all companies' standard policies—Jetty renters insurance in Texas does exclude floods. To cover against flood damage, we recommend you supplement your Jetty Renters Insurance with coverage from the U.S. Government's U.S. Government's National Flood Insurance Program.