Build your credit history just by paying rent.

how it works

Jetty Credit reports rent payments to all three credit bureaus each month, helping renters build their credit history.

for renters

Get credit for the rent you’re already paying.

  • A new way to 
build credit.

    A new way to build credit.

    Build a better financial future and
    track your score along the way.

  • Let Jetty 
do the work.

    Let Jetty do the work.

    Just pay your rent and 
    Jetty does the rest!

why jetty credit

The hassle free choice for renters.

  • Free to renters at participating properties.

    Ask your leasing team if Jetty Credit is offered at your property. 

  • Everything in one place.

    Jetty offers a unified experience—from meeting move-in requirements, to flexible rent, to building your credit.

for properties

Delight residents with a new financial tool.

  • Support your 
ESG initiatives.

    Support your ESG initiatives.

    Help your residents improve 
    their financial health.

  • Reduce delinquencies.

    Reduce delinquencies.

    Studies show when renters report rent payments, delinquencies drop dramatically.

  • Happier residents.

    Happier residents.

    Improve resident experience
    with a service they’ll love.

why jetty credit

All the benefits, none of the burden.

  • Integrated with your systems.

    Jetty Credit is integrated with all the major property management systems.

  • Works seamlessly with other Jetty products.

    No heavy lifting needed from your operational or technical teams.


Got questions?

  • Jetty Credit is a product that automatically reports rent payments to all three credit bureaus. This gives renters the opportunity to build their credit score, for rent they are already paying.

  • Around the middle of each month, we submit a rent-payment file to each major credit bureau: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

  • Jetty Credit is free for renters who live in properties that are part of the Jetty Credit program.

  • If you live at a participating property, you’re automatically enrolled! Just kick back and relax—there is nothing for you to do. Jetty will automatically report your rent payments. Check with your leasing team to learn if Jetty Credit is offered at your property.

  • If you are not currently offering Jetty Credit to your residents and you’d like to, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at

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