Financial services built for renters.

Why we exist

We’re on a mission to make renting a home more accessible and affordable.

  • Renting a home can be difficult. The challenge is not just how you pay—the expenses and fees—but also when you paythe rigid timing requirements of it all. It just doesn’t reflect the way we live our lives today.

    We believe that being happy in one’s home is fundamental. And we’re striving to play a role in making that a reality for everyone, everywhere.

  • But we can’t do it alone. To help renters means that we also have to help their property managers too. For them, it’s all about creating the best resident experience possible. While at the same time, they need to make sure their business objectives are met.

    That’s why all of our products have been conceived and developed in tandem with our property manager partners. And as we continue to define the future of leasing, they will always remain in lock-step with them.

Our approach

A solutions company.

We define ourselves not by the product type, but by the problem type. We are not an insurance company, nor a bank, nor a lender. Rather, we’re a solutions company. We plan to build whatever it takes to drive towards our mission—irrespective of what category, product, or service that pushes us to adopt.

Our Team

Feeling inspired? Come join us.

  • Welcome home. No kidding—come help us change the future of renting and make a
    real impact.

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