Say goodbye to security deposits.

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What it does

Save money by replacing your expensive security deposit with alow-cost alternative.

Why Jetty Deposit

A no-brainer for smart renters.

  • Spend your cash on what matters.

    Why lock up precious cash for years into the future? With one-time or monthly payments starting at $5/mo, think about the possibilities.

  • Speed up your move-in process.

    With a matter of a couple clicks, you’ll satisfy your deposit requirement and be ready to move in.

  • Moving out is a breeze.

    No more hassling with your property manager
    to get your deposit back. (If you get it back!)

How it works

Using Jetty Deposit is quick and easy.

  • Make sure your future home is part of the Jetty network.

    Not sure? Talk to your property manager to find out.
  • Signing up is simple and secure.

    With just a few pieces of information, we’ll provide you with a personalized price.

  • Choose from a variety of payment options.

    We offer flexible payment models—either a low one-time payment or even lower monthly payments.

  • Get your keys!

    We’ll let your property know that you’ve met your move-in requirements and you’re all set to move in.


Got questions?

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Jetty Deposit replaces a traditional cash deposit with either a one-time, non-refundable premium or a low, non-refundable monthly premium.

    Instead of paying a cash security deposit, Jetty Deposit gives you the option to pay a fraction of the amount, which serves as a Jetty-backed guarantee to your property that they’ll be protected in the event that you fail to pay for damage or skipped rent.

  • When you apply we’ll ask for some basic information about you and your new place. As part of the application we'll also collect your SSN and do a “soft” credit check (which doesn’t impact your credit score!). This will determine your custom price. 

  • Jetty Deposit is available through our real estate partners at properties across the country. If you’re moving to a new rental home, ask your leasing team if they offer Jetty at your building. If they do, they’ll direct you to the correct signup page and help you get started.

  • If you move to a new unit within the same building, Jetty will move with you with no extra paperwork to fill out. If you move out of your community altogether, just let us know and we’ll stop your monthly payments (if you selected monthly payments during your application).

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