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Get residents signed up in 60 seconds.

In less than a minute, you can help residents meet your requirements and get better coverage. They can sign up right from their phone or computer, whether they’re sitting in the leasing office or relaxing at home.

Jetty Renters Insurance

An experience designed for property managers.

Jetty on your smartphone.Blank in mobile in mobile in mobile view.

Close leads faster.

Residents can sign up quickly and easily—no paper shuffling and instant proof-of-insurance. Plans with $100k in liability coverage start at just $5/month.

Maintain compliance.

Be the first to know when your resident is covered with notifications when coverage is approved or changed.

Custom resident plans.

Create custom plans with pre-determined coverage minimums for each property in your portfolio.


Force-placed insurance solutions.

If you’re interested in force-placed solutions, please reach out to our team at


New revenue stream.

Generate ancillary revenue through marketing and promotional fees for offering Jetty at your property.

Property managers across the country are raving about Jetty Renters Insurance.


Our view at Citi Habitats is that we are in the hospitality business. In endorsing Jetty, we provide both our rental clients and landlord partners increased options to help them achieve their unique goals. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Gary Malin,

President - Citi Habitats

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Compare Jetty Renters Insurance

The clear choice for you and your residents.


Legacy Insurance Providers

Our Process

Their Process

Purchase Process


All Digital   

  • Purchase on any device, 24/7
  • Branded portal for your property on
  • Customize plans for your needs

Legacy Insurance Providers


  • Limited or no online experience
  • Reliant on insurance agents and business hours
  • Dependent on paperwork and faxes

Our Pricing

Their Pricing




  • Customized to cover only what residents and properties need
  • Technology efficiencies allow for lower prices
  • $200k in liability coverage often offered for less than competitors offer $100k in coverage

Legacy Insurance Providers


  • Agent cost structure requires higher pricing

Our Features

Their Features




  • Coverage that consumers demand (e.g., portable electronics coverage) and is unique to Jetty (e.g., bedbug protection)
  • Personal, high-touch Member Care via phone, text, or e-mail

Legacy Insurance Providers

Behind the Times

  • Outdated coverage for fur coats, china sets, and the like
  • Call centers, hold music, complicated processes

Our Perks

Their Perks



Free Member Benefits   

  • An ever-growing suite of perks and discounts that help property managers wow residents

Legacy Insurance Providers

No Member Benefits

  • Zero, zilch

Plus Member Benefits   

We’ve partnered with modern, like-minded brands to offer an ever-growing suite of perks and discounts that help property managers wow residents at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Jetty different from the traditional players?

Our digital tools make it extremely easy for residents to sign up for renters insurance, and our ever-growing suite of benefits and reporting tools ensure resident retention. Jetty Renters Insurance offers all the same core features you’d see in traditional plans but, in addition, we’ve optimized our experience and plans for the way renters live their lives today.

Can Jetty be integrated with other major tools and platforms?

Yes, Jetty can be integrated with most other property management tools and platforms. We’re a tech company, so we speak API, XML, SFTP, Python, and SQL.

Do you offer force-placed insurance solutions?

If you’re interested in force-placed solutions, please reach out to our team at

Why is Jetty Renters Insurance so affordable?

We cut out the middleman and passed the savings on to consumers, often offering a savings of hundreds of dollars over the course of a lease.

When can a resident sign up?

Residents can sign up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And they can sign up from their mobile device in 60 seconds or less, making it an easy purchase when they’re in the leasing office.

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