Close more leases. Get more protection.

Jetty Deposit is a property manager’s secret weapon — you can stop collecting deposits and still get protection against damage or lost rent.

Jetty Deposit

Protection against damage or lost rent, without the hassle of a security deposit.

Jetty Deposit lowers the hurdles and headaches of signing a lease.


Attract more residents.

Boost your lease conversion rates by advertising as a zero-deposit building.


Close leases faster.

No need for cashier’s checks. Sign up residents right from the leasing office with Jetty’s award-winning, mobile-friendly platform.


More revenue potential.

Turn a cost center into a profit center. Depending on your property, we can offer marketing and promotional fees to help you generate ancillary revenue.


Increase protection.

Smoothly handle resident deposit status and processes through Jetty’s cutting-edge technology. No more escrow accounts, interest payments, or check management.

How It Works

Cut your overhead without cutting corners.


Already approved.

Any resident you approve is approved by us, too. Basically, if you trust them, then so do we.


Purchase online.

Resident signup is easy with our quick and simple digital experience, custom-built for every property we work with.


Instant confirmation of coverage.

Once purchased, a certificate of insurance is instantly sent to both the resident and the leasing agent.


For more information on claims, how we handle roommates, and more, check out the  below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Jetty cost?

Each renter will receive custom pricing according to their credit score, and they’ll have the option to pay either monthly or as a one-time cost.

How do residents pay?

Residents will pay online when they sign up for Jetty. This is when they’ll choose between monthly payments or a one-time fee. Keep in mind that if they go for the monthly option, coverage is in place as soon as they make their first payment—so even if they lapse on payments, the property is protected.

What does Jetty Deposit actually cover?

Jetty Deposit covers everything a normal security deposit is legally allowed to cover in your state, such as physical damage, lost rent, and unpaid fees.

Does Jetty Deposit slow the resident application process?

No, it speeds it up! We don’t add any overhead to your existing application process. Once you assess and approve a potential resident, they’re automatically approved by Jetty—we trust that your process is enough to be our process, too. Tenants will be able to pay and show proof of insurance in under two minutes through an online portal co-branded with your property.

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