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Download Our 2019 Renter Sentiment Report

Today’s renters are stressed. They worry about making monthly rent payments, they struggle to afford up-front move-in costs—and they’re ready for change.

These are some of the problems we set out to solve at Jetty. And as we work toward accomplishing that goal, we’re interested in fully understanding the challenges that renters face in the renting process.

That’s why for our inaugural Renter Sentiment Report, we surveyed renters across a wide range of regions, age ranges, and income brackets.

We asked what obstacles have stood in the way of securing the homes they want, what could make the process easier in the future, and how they feel about the renting experience as a whole.

And we learned that there’s a lot of room for improvement. In this report, you’ll find data showing that: 


  1. Paying rent causes more stress than jobs, student loans, credit card bills, and political issues.
  2. Most renters worry that they won’t be able to pay rent.
  3. High up-front costs are preventing renters from moving into the homes and apartments they want.
  4. Almost half of renters wouldn’t be able to afford a cash security deposit right now—but security deposit alternatives could be a game-changer for them.

… and that’s just the beginning. Download the full report to see the data and learn more! 

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