5 Minutes With: Chad

Chad Somodi, Sales Director

In “5 Minutes With,” we sit down with a Jetty team member and ask them about their life and their job. Let’s get to know Chad on our Sales Team. 


Where you currently live: Austin, Texas


Why did you join Jetty? What struck me right away with Jetty was the unique opportunity to work across three major industries: Insurance, Real Estate, and FinTech. The idea of combining innovative insurance products with cutting-edge tech was really interesting to me, especially since Jetty is doing it with the goal of improving affordability for renters. It was refreshing to see a clear mission that the entire company can rally around. 


I’m also a do-gooder at heart and appreciated how Jetty’s products make moving into an apartment more affordable for renters. Moving into safe, comfortable, and reliable housing can be difficult for so many people, and the fact that Jetty’s products drastically lower up-front rental costs for people resonates deeply with me.  


Describe what you do. I educate multifamily real estate owners and managers on the benefits of Jetty’s financial products for both themselves and their renters. If we determine Jetty is a good fit, I work closely with the partner to establish—and continually improve—a custom Jetty program that meets the needs of both the partner and their residents. 


Why did you get into sales? As a former teacher and tutor who enjoyed teaching people new things, the transition into sales was very natural for me. Once I find a product or service that I know can help people (like Jetty’s), I really enjoy bringing that solution to those who can benefit. It’s an incredible feeling to introduce someone to a new program, then 6 months later toast to the various benefits it’s providing. 


What have you learned since joining Jetty? So much! It’s like I’m earning a cross-functional degree in multifamily real estate finance, multifamily management best practices, P&C insurance, FinTech product development, and much more. While Jetty’s products are simple to use for our partners and residents, there is a lot going on under the surface to make sure everything runs smoothly. Learning all of those components has been fascinating.  

What’s your morning routine? My alarm clock (aka my dog) wakes me up a little earlier than I’d like, but I quickly forgive her and take her for a quick walk. Like many of us, I try to work out a few mornings each week but I’m not always successful on that front. Otherwise, I start with some breakfast (fruit or omelettes are favorites) and of course a cup of coffee. I’m definitely a morning person and find that I’m most productive before 11 a.m. each day.