We’ve launched a new version of Jetty Deposit!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve rolled out some pretty big changes to Jetty Deposit that make moving in even more affordable for our Members.

With these new enhancements, we’ll:                                                                                   

  • Give renters the flexibility of monthly payments 
  • Add more payment options 
  • Use soft credit checks to offer custom pricing 
  • Help our Partners get even more protection 

Renters will still get the benefit of a fast and easy signup process, and all applicants who are approved by a property will be automatically approved for Jetty—even if they don’t have a credit history. We’re excited to get all of our Partners switched over to the updated version in the coming months, and to see the impact it makes on the leasing process. 

We’re also incredibly excited to celebrate this launch as a team. This has been a companywide effort, and each of us played a role in getting it out the door. Our product, engineering, and insurance teams did an incredible job of not only overhauling our core product, but doing it while also getting us switched over to a new capacity provider—all in the middle of a global pandemic.

Jetty has shown me how every individual at this company cares and supports our product and will do anything to make it happen. This was the largest product that Jetty has worked on with new processes, teammates, PMs, and procedures. It was a full company effort!

Karishma, Product Manager

In particular, we’d like to recognize: 

  • Karishma and John for scoping the product and working with stakeholders to get it done
  • Nick and Paul for overhauling the design of our purchase flow 
  • Andy and Xuan Mai for creating, writing, and producing the technical specifications document
  • Andy and Gray, for creating a seamless frontend experience with over 80 different code reviews 
  • Xuan Mai, Vaibhav, Spencer, and Sumanth for writing over 40,000 lines of code and creating 3 different APIs to get the new product up and running 
  • Linda and Xuan Mai for building the infrastructure that will allow future code to log, monitor, and debug faster
  • Shirley for testing and capturing bugs and going through 40+ flows to help the new product run smoothly 
  • Jess for working to make sure we capture data the right way and set us up for success
  • Jason and Jonathan for providing guidance and managing the teams to move the product forward in a short time period 

In their own words, here’s what a few of them had to say about working on this project: 

  • It was pretty awesome watching this extremely ambitious scope of work come together given the current circumstances and timeline. Special kudos to the engineering team for going to extra lengths to not sacrifice on the design/experience. — Nick, Senior Product Designer 
  • I’m incredibly impressed by the team’s efforts, and proud to count myself among them. — Andy, Front End Engineer
  • This is a great team of people. Everyone worked hard to get the new product out the door and rose to the occasion of hitting a very tight deadline.  — Xuan Mai, Director of Engineering

At its core, this is an insurance product, so we’d be remiss not to also mention all of the hours our insurance team put in to make sure it’s compliant, and to get it admitted in each of the states where Jetty is sold. 

And, finally, we’d also like to thank our sales, service ops, marketing, and rev ops teams for all of their work that went into making this product a success, along with the rest of our team for testing the new product before launch. We can’t say enough that this was truly a teamwide effort.

This is our largest product launch to date and a huge step forward for Jetty. And there’s more to come! We’re excited to continue improving and enhancing our products to offer even more value to our Partners and Members.

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