We’ve partnered with Asset Living!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with Asset Living, the largest third-party property management company in the nation for campus living. 

Asset Living + Student Housing Express

Through this partnership, Asset Living has implemented Student Housing Express, the first-ever platform designed to speed up and simplify the leasing process for student housing property managers with real-time underwriting. 

By offering Student Housing Express, Asset Living can sign qualified students who may have trouble securing a traditional guarantor or fulfilling financial requirements—whether because they’re international students without family in the U.S., or simply don’t want to share sensitive information on their applications. This helps property managers speed up the signing process and convert more leases, while adding protection against damage and lost rent.

A successful nationwide partnership 

In the five months they’ve offered Jetty, Asset Living has seen success with the program across the country. 

Thousands of students have opted to use it at more than 130 properties in 30+ states. These students, who may have otherwise had trouble getting approved, were able to use Jetty as their cosigner and move into their rental homes.

And the partnership has been beneficial on the property side, too, as Jetty has provided over $1.6 million in protection within the Asset Living portfolio. 

Julie Bonnin, COO at Asset Living explains, “Jetty’s flexible and scalable solution adds value to every applicant profile within our portfolio. We’ve been impressed with the fast and

widespread adoption of Jetty’s offering, and we’re excited to build on this momentum to get more qualified students into great housing.”

Improving the leasing experience for students and properties

Student housing presents unique challenges on both sides of the lease. In the past, the only “solutions” to these challenges were strict guarantor requirements or potentially cost-prohibitive up-front fees.

At Jetty, we’re proud to offer a flexible solution that helps student housing property managers like Asset Living’s improve their leasing processes and get more qualified residents in the door.

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