Getting into your new place just got easierand cheaper.
Getting into your new
place just got easier
and cheaper.
Meet your move-in requirements in a jiffy with Jetty.
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Jetty & Ogden CAP
teamed up to make
your move a breeze.
The lowest move-in costs in townwith Jetty Deposit.
Replace the need to post a security deposit when you go with Jetty, for just 17.5% of what you would have paid in a deposit. (It isn’t a loan, but it is that easy!)
Our thing
is protecting your things.
Fun fact: Jetty Renters Insurance covers more than you think. If you own it, we cover it. And, with Jetty, you can meet all the requirements for moving into your new place in seconds.

Jetty Deposit
You’re already
If you’ve been approved by Ogden CAP, you’re approved for Jetty Deposit, and the whole process takes about 30 seconds (seriously).
You’re good
to go...
Enter your details on the next page, pay by credit card, and leave the rest to us.
...but please
be good.
Of course, responsibility for damages that apply to your security deposit still lies with you, so show your place the same TLC you always would.

Renters Insurance
Our thing
is protecting
your things.
If you own it, we cover it. We’ll reimburse you for lost or damaged items whether you’re in your backyard or backpacking in Peru.
The perfect solution for life’s facepalm moments.
An injury at your apartment or damaging someone else’s property sounds like a nightmare; for us it’s 9 to 5.
Loss of Use
A place to call
home when your place
is a no-go.
If your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered incident, we'll pay for you to shack up elsewhere until you can head home. (The room service is still on you).
Member Benefits
Oh, by the way, we've scored you some discounts too.
With any purchase you become a Jetty Member and gain a key to the city–our handpicked (growing) package of benefits to save you money on the stuff you already buy.
Still have questions?
We’ve got answers. Head over to our FAQ to get
more info on our products or to get in touch
and we’ll get you sorted.